Our Producers

Having grown up in Texas, founder Will Yates was literally teethed on a piece of beef jerky. When he moved back to the UK, he was unable to find anything as healthy, wholesome and tasty as traditional Texan style jerky – so Billy Franks was born and what started as a hobby soon grew into a full-time business.   Will takes great pride in using natural ingredients, and sourcing the best British meat and plant-based ingredients to create hand-made products that you can really sink your teeth into.

The British Honey Company was launched in 2014 in Oxfordshire and since then they have expanded to over 275 hives across England all working hard to pollenate British meadows and hedgerows. They produce 100% British honey, all tested for provenance and assurance of no foreign or impure honey and all  accredited by the National Bee Farmers Association.  

Since 1983, the experts at Fudge Kitchen have been carefully hand crafting the most deliciously creamy and indulgent fudge using a recipe that dates back to the 1830s.  They are well known for the pride and care they take to produce quality fudges that uses natural ingredients with no preservatives and for the authenticity of their techniques.  

Based in London, Nutural World is a multi-award-winning artisan producer of high quality and exceptionally good tasting nut butters and spreads. They produce their nut butters in small batches, using traditional stone grinders. All their products are certified Vegan, Kosher and Sugar Free, with no added salt, oil or artificial flavours.

Cedar Baklawa is a family owned business based in Luton, having been founded in 1994 by Amir Chouman, and then subsequently joined by his sons Samir and Amin who are all still working together today. Following traditional Middle Eastern techniques, all products are handmade using the finest ingredients and we at The Artisan Larder can personally testify to their excellence.

Linda started making her delicious hot chocolate stirrers by hand at home in her kitchen back in 2006. Since then the company has expanded to a hard-working team who are passionate about all things chocolate.  They source their cocoa from a family owned company in Columbia who in turn support their local communty.  Choc Affair’s aim is to share the joy that their delicious, hard-crafted chocolate brings. 

In The Junction Tavern beer garden in NW5 George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw, found themselves pondering a serious question, what would be the perfect snack to accompany their recently ordered pint of real ale and glass of red Bordeaux? The very next day Serious Pig and the idea of a ‘posh peperami’ was born. Only using top quality British charcuterie their snacks are full of flavour and truly satisfying. 

Alara was founded in 1975 when Alex started one of the first health food shops selling flakes, fruits, seeds and nuts and by 1977 they were producing a mix of these ingredients that became the first muesli recipe with no added sugar.  The company’s focus has always been on clean, healthy and sustaninable food and in 2008 the Alara factory became the very first zero waste food manufacturer. Their aim now is to become the ‘most sustainable food manufacturer on earth’.

Truly is a specialist bakery creating delicious baked goods, such as muffins, brownies, flapjacks and loaf cakes. Since 1998 they have been baking their free-from products that are suitable to most diets, including those avoiding gluten, wheat, egg, lactose and soon sugar. They totally dispel the myth that free-from foods have a lack of taste or texture, their products are treats after all.  

Founded in March 2012 by Sandy Ruddock and Julian Pollard the business started with two dressings inspired by Sandy’s family and made at her kitchen table.  Now using only the best, freshest, zingiest ingredients their range now comprises of a number of dressings including Billy’s Chilli Jam, Red Onion Marmalade and Ploughman’s Pickle. All their products have a great taste and some of them are award winning.